Many students are studying in London have encountered such a panic moment – after arrival in the UK should be the first final exam. Many have not started studying career of the students, how to adapt to the exam for British universities is also worried. Today, we hear the higher education system in London pro forma recommendations.

Overall, London universities think the exam should not be a need to conduct special preparation, the examination should be a continuation of the usual learning over time and summary. Therefore, we have prepared the following year in London Universities whole study time schedule, to help you better plan usual study time:

October – refresher Crescent

In this month, students should begin to review the exam in previous years, were combing the past and learn new learning content. Do not expect at this stage will be able to completely and accurately answer all questions in previous years papers. This stage is mainly used to help you understand the exam appears in the previous years, the main content that you choose for the job, essay or report title when there will be help. If you are a freshman, especially international students, this is not an easy thing, so to take the initiative to seek help. Student counselors and student instructors at the University of London are all experienced professionals who will help you adjust to the humanities and academic environment.

11 December – notes are your friends

Chinese students can take notes is a proud skill. This is not only for the future review and the review is very important and memory experts emphasized notes within 24 hours after a good review in mind will make people remember more and deeper content. Typically in these two months, you need to submit your exam registration information to ensure you are able to take the test. Facing graduate students can go to job centers to find the best recruitment programs or postgraduate courses.

Typically during this period, companies or institutions graduates will continue to start recruiting work.

1, February – reading to be a part of your life

Maintain good reading habits to adapt to the higher intensity of London is very important. If a student in January and February to ensure that normally keep reading material, essays progress, the future will be very strong pro forma. Usually the last semester students will range as far as possible with small papers and exams approach, can help you build confidence in the exam. Any activity related to learning or learning in this organization during college, make sure to attend, this will be your chance to get information and inspiration. Note restful sleep is a good way to reduce stress.

3, April – Papers Deadline

If your hand is the latest updated version of the paper then congratulations, you will have about seven weeks time to proofread and change them. This link is very important time to plan, set itself a realistic, workable proofreading change plan that need to cover enough content, and give you plenty of rest and relaxation time, the most important thing is to give yourself some flexible time to respond to emergencies, because changes in the proofreading process sometimes can not be expected to make a special case and therefore extend the process than expected. Typically during this period, you will get your exam schedule, exam schedule is proof that you set up any changes planned in London the best reference. Exam schedule will normally attend your university registration office billboards posted, or posted on the University website. Individual examination time required to get through the teacher’s office. Exam time is usually 5–6 months.

May and June – Exam arrival month

From the time perspective, London universities final exams start time substantially similar to domestic college entrance examination or final exam time. Two months for students who must ensure orderly and avoid confusion. After each test subject, give yourself some time to rest on physical strength and energy. If, for any factors that you can not take the test, make sure to notify the people around, the students or the teacher. Different colleges, professional exam project in five or six months, respectively, at different times to complete, so please take into account other students are pro forma, do not affect others in time to celebrate the end of exams.

July – month results announced

Although July is not the autumn, but usually this is the month of harvest student. All exams, will be announced this month in succession. If your results are not displayed in the test results, most likely due to your outstanding tuition fees your university or library. Very unfortunate if students do not pass the exam, you will be subject to a formal communication pieces. Please contact arrangements with the teacher to understand the next step after receiving the letter.